Blue Monkey – Apartment

Blue Monkey – Apartment

Accommodation Review

Accommodation in SurinameBlue Monkey, Paramaribo
Address: Veldhuizenlaan
Stay: 19-20 August 2017 (1 night)
Facilities: 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, AC, large-screen smart TV, free Wi-Fi, free private parking
Rate: SRD 170 (± $ 22.50), ex 8% VAT
Available at:

Domestic turbulence

Sometimes, it so happens that unexpected events cause disturbance in the house.

Last Friday, late evening, I was startled by people screaming outside, drowning out the tornado-like buzz of my noisy fan. Frightened, I jumped up from behind my desk to turn off the fan and check what was going on. It sure sounded like some guys fighting. Or, perhaps the security guards of our gated community had caught someone trespassing?

Fortunately, it was nothing violent. What it was, was that my neighbors – the only neighbors that I actually have – were having a small get-together in their yard Party Surinamewith a couple of friends. I heard Latin music playing, at totally acceptable sound levels. Loud voices, however, were all over the place and filled the quiet air. This went on until way after midnight. With my bedroom window at about 20 feet from the party, I tried to avoid going to bed by keeping myself busy for as long as I could. Finally, in the wee hours, I decided to leave my noisy fan on during what was left of the night and catch some sleep.

The next morning, to my surprise, the party people were still there. They seemed to have stayed up all night and were now hanging in their chairs, legs up. I just went about my business, but in the afternoon, I started noticing increased activity in the neighbor’s yard when unfamiliar sounds caught my attention: Latin music playing at totally acceptable volume levels. Loud voices, however…

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I took a peek outside, and lo and behold: they now had tables and chairs lined up and guests coming over! In a split second, it struck me that last night was just a dress rehearsal, and that the party was now seriously about to take off! It did not take long before I realized that I do not have the option to sleep in another part of the house right now and I knew that I was not going to put up with another night of disturbed sleep! What to do?

Get Away

I wondered if it would not be great to grab the opportunity to go somewhere, enjoy a short break and forget about the turmoil in the backyard! So, I considered driving down to Moengo, my birthplace – towards the eastern border – or, to Nickerie – all the way to the western border. It was already mid-afternoon, though, and I prefer to head in those directions a bit earlier. For now, I just needed a place at a short drive, with a nice bed and air-conditioning – in
a quiet neighborhood! I went to, typed Paramaribo and got
a flood of hits to choose from.

After checking out the pictures of colonial style houses or luxurious hotels with lush gardens, and comparing the online customer reviews, the facilities and the different rates,
I picked Blue Monkey apartment. I did! I made reservations for the night, got my reservation number, packed up my laptop, threw some clothes and toiletries in a bag, grabbed a couple of snacks and something to drink, and took off. A little after 5 pm I was on the road, free as a bird!

Veldhuizenlaan is situated in the outskirts of town, in a quiet, upscale residential area. It is near major roads, such as Johannes Mungrastraat, Tweede Rijweg, and Gemenelandsweg. There are convenience stores nearby, some restaurants and it is actually quite centrally located: downtown, Hermitage Mall (including TBL movie theater) and the Kwattaweg vegetable market for example, are all at about a 10-15 minutes’ drive.

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On my way to Blue Monkey, I picked up a saoto soup at Java Restaurant of Gemenelandsweg and by 6 pm I was checked in! A friendly employee, originally from Cuba, waved his hand and shouted out a cordial Hola from the front door. I parked my pick-up truck smack in the middle of the driveway, behind the gate, the chivalrous concierge gave me a hand with my bags and he showed me around in Yellow Monkey*: a small bright-colored two-bedroom bungalow!

* Blue Monkey is the overall name: there is a house with four bedrooms, one with one bedroom, and Yellow Monkey with two bedrooms. On, look for Blue Monkey to find all.

Suriname Blue Monkey apartment

Yellow Monkey is spacious, it has a huge Samsung smart TV, abstract works of art on the living room walls, modern furniture, a simple bathroom, and a fully equipped kitchen. And… aah yes! The air-conditioner was already on when I got there. Suriname is currently in the dry season, with daily temperatures peeking towards 40 degrees Centigrade (104°F) and my new home does not yet have air-conditioners. So yes, it is so nice and welcoming when the air-conditioning in your
home away from home is set to 23°C!

I instantly settled in, installed the laptop on the glass-top dining table, went for a quick shower, and arrgghh… Yellow Monkey does not offer hot water! Since it had been very hot that day and I got there dirty and sweaty, I held my breath and took a nice cool shower using the coconut scent shower gel provided. Feeling all fresh and new, I enjoyed my dinner and then crashed on the couch in front of the inviting large-screen TV. Well, the couch was beautifully white and nice looking but sadly, it is not the most comfortable couch I have ever come across – it is more or less OK. Yellow Monkey’s beds are great, though – both beds have good matrasses.

The living room is decorated with attention to detail and even if for only 1 night, it is nice to have paintings on the wall, a reading chair and fresh plants around. One thing could do with replacement: the tile floor in one of the bedrooms looks old and shabby. Everything was clean and spotless, though.

Sunday, I was so happy to finally have the peace of mind to read a book! The two pillows from my bed made the couch nice and comfy, and when it was almost time to go, I could not help myself and asked for a late check-out! I got an extra hour, at no cost. All things come to an end, though, and at some point, it is really time to go. Late Sunday afternoon I drove home, rested and relaxed.
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I would recommend a break like this to anybody, anytime! Noisy neighbors? Fed up? Looking for inspiration? Go someplace and stay the night! You really do not have to go far to relax and have a great time – Blue Monkey is just 15 minutes away from my home!

Such breaks are good opportunities to get acquainted with some part of town that you do
not yet know. Exploring is not the only option, though – I simply locked the doors, closed the windows, enjoyed the air-conditioning and was in a different world – one night may be short, but it is definitely long enough for a system reset!

Should I have known about the cold shower, I possibly would not have chosen Blue Monkey. Lucky me, I did not know – Blue Monkey was a great choice, a perfect match!

8 thoughts on “Blue Monkey – Apartment

  1. Hello and thanks for sharing, what and amazing story. Your review was pretty awesome and will do much in really helping your readers. Never heard of blue monkey apartment but sounds really interesting. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Great review! Thank you! I was looking for places for a mini vacation… 3-4 days. I’ve seen a few complaints with regards to the blue monkey and I am glad that I dig into it and found your review. Thanks for writing this review, I believe that I’ll check the place out in a few weeks! Cheers!

    1. Thanks a lot, Andrei!

      I did read the complaints about Blue Monkey. However, I thought they had more happy customers, so I took the plunge and it worked out great!

      Do let me know when you fly in!


  3. Hey Audrey !
    I enjoyed reading your story haha. I guess this shows that everyone needs a short get away every once in a while, although in your case it was due to the neighbours xD
    Blue Monkey does seem cool though, but since I’m currently in the UK not having hot water would kill me lol.

    1. Hi Lucas,

      I am happy you had fun reading my post.

      Yeah, thanks to the neighbors I had a great time – and they do not even know it. lol

      Thanks for dropping in,

  4. A get away is A must from time to time and you described this place so well that i want to go away so I can reset my battery.

    Even a 15 minute trip mdown the road can be far enough to do the job!

    With 104 degree weather I am sure a cold shower had its rewards. Sounds like the blue monkey was your hidden gem with proper accommodations.

    What would you rate your stay? Out of ten stars where do they place?

    I’d take old and clean over noisy and disrupting any day when I’m trying to get work done!

    Great review

    1. Agree all the way, Shannon! 🙂

      In terms of stars for apartments, I would rate Blue Monkey a nice fat 8!

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

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