Welcome to Suriname Travel Tips!

Welcome to Suriname Travel Tips!

Ever considered a vacation in Suriname?

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Suriname is located in South America, just above the equator line. Tropical sunshine, colorful nature, delicious tropical fruits, exotic people, hot music, interesting history, colonial architecture –  we have it all!

  • Are you looking for an adventure you will never forget?
  • Do you enjoy doing your own planning?
  • Would you like to experience the tropical rainforest?
  • Do you prefer to go fishing? Or,
  • Would you rather get the feel of downtown Paramaribo?

If your answer to any of these questions is Yes3 then you should really consider spending some time in Suriname! And, the good news is: you can pick and choose any of these adventures and even add to this list – and do it all in one single vacation!

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This website will show you how to find your way around in Suriname and stay safe. After all, the rainforest ain’t no park – you definitely  do not want to be heading into the jungle by yourself! In certain cases, it would be best to just book a trip with a local tour organization. And sometimes, you can get to places organizing your journey by yourself, and travel by public transportation or hire your own driver. Suriname offers many possibilities – you just need to be aware and be flexi, as we say. Fun Ahead2

Regular posts on this site will offer you a taste of daily life in Suriname, some facts and figures, music and sound clips, and much more. No politics and economics, though – there are plenty of other platforms to cover that. This site is all about the wonders of traveling – and specifically about the magic of traveling to Suriname!

Thanks for visiting Suriname Travel Tips!

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Torch Ginger Lily


18 thoughts on “Welcome to Suriname Travel Tips!

  1. This place looks awesome and very exotic. I’ve thought about traveling outside of the US but I don’t know exactly where yet. This could be a great place to start. Great read! Thank you

  2. Very interesting post! I never thought of going to Suriname. Is Suriname really a great place to spend a vacation? Being close to Venezuela must keep Americans away. I would guess they would get a lot of European visitors. I wish you a lot of luck with your blog and I’ll have to come back and check it out.

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Good to hear from you! As a former Dutch colony, we do get visitors from the Netherlands. And, we have always had Americans here as well – expats who work here.

      Here is a challenge: come back to check out my website on a regular basis, and I will show you that Suriname is a great destination for your vacation! Are you in?

      Thanks very much for stopping by,


  3. Hi Audrey,
    I never even heard of Suriname before I found your site. Are there any beaches? It sounds very beautiful.

    1. Hi Tim,

      Thanks for dropping in!

      We do have some beaches along rivers in Suriname. Our main attraction, though, would be the gorgeous nature. Did you take a look at the pictures on the Nature page?


  4. Just read through all of your pages here as I have been wanting to plan a trip to South America down the road and have been researching different destinations.

    My first question is: When is the best time of year to visit? Not sure how the seasons are down there or is it just hot all of the time?

    Second Question: Are there any archeological excursions into the jungle that I might be able to visit or tag along with?


    1. Hi James,

      Thank you for checking in! Which destinations in South America have you been researching?

      There are a great many excursions to the jungle that you could join, but none specifically archeological. Check online!

      We do have seasons here: rainy seasons and dry seasons. The dry seasons are pretty hot. Climate-wise, I would recommend traveling to Suriname around January/February, that would be the coolest time.

      I will be talking about the climate and temperatures in future posts, so make sure you check this site regularly. Come back also in case you have more questions!


  5. Hi Audrey,

    The first time i heard about this country Suriname was two years ago when i was living in the Netherlands. There was so many people going on holiday over there. And also i met few people from Suriname residing in The Netherlands, so since then this country is on my list of countries to visit. A lot of people go to Aruba too, which is a neighbour country i believe. How different is Suriname from Aruba?
    p.s. I had some really sweet cakes from Suriname before, very very nice!…:)

    1. Hi Joana,

      Thanks for dropping in!

      Where did you live in The Netherlands? I have lived in Amsterdam for over 20 ys before re-locating to Suriname, and spent my highschool years near Leyden. I am sure your Surinamese friends in NL must have introduced you to some of our dishes and snacks, since we have so many! And cakes too, yes!

      Aruba is related to Suriname in the sense that we are in the same region, and we share a history of Dutch colonization. Aruba, however, is an island whereas Suriname is on the mainland of South America. Contrary to their white sandy beaches, in Suriname you will find tropical rainforest, an abundance of local fruits and greens, and a tremendous cultural diversity – to name a few differences.

      Check out http://www.surinametraveltips.com regularly, as there will be more info and pictures soon that you might like.


  6. Hi Audrey,

    I’ve actually never heard of Suriname, but it sounds like a beautiful place that I would love to visit. I love going to tropical and exotic places.

    Thanks for sharing so much useful information on how to visit Suriname and what to expect when one gets there. 🙂


  7. HI Audrey,
    I have travelled in South America but did not make it all the way to Suriname. It sounds like a gorgeous place to visit. Is there a coastline?
    Thank you for having the passion for your homeland to share it with the world. I didn’t realise the language was Dutch!
    I am from Australia. Do you know if I would need a visa to visit?
    Thanks for the great info!


    1. Hi Kris,

      Good to hear from you! Thanks very much for your comments.

      Where did you travel to in South America?

      Yes, Australian citizens do need a visa to enter Suriname.

      We do not have white sandy beaches along a pretty coastline, I must say. Our most spectaculair attraction would be the interior: the majestic rainforest, the amazing rapids, the plants and animals, and the many authentic historical and cultural features that still remain. I will cover that in one of my posts.



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