The first thing you need to know when traveling to Suriname is where it is located. So, let me show you where we are on the map of South America. 

South America including Suriname

As you can see, Suriname is situated on the northern coast of South America, north of Brazil and squeezed in between Guyana on the left and French Guiana on the right. We are just around 5 degrees above the equator, hence the hot temperatures we are getting.

Let’s zoom in a little more, so we can see some places. Check out our capital city of Paramaribo, up north in the center. South of Paramaribo, you will see Zanderij – this is where you will travel to when you reach Suriname by air and land at Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport. Towards the border with French Guiana in the east, you will find Moengo, my birthplace.

Map of Suriname with cities

You might have observed that remarkable little note there at the bottom of this map that reads “Boundary Claimed by Suriname”. See, while the border between Suriname and Brazil has been undisputed since 1906, there has been a border dispute with both Guyana since 1840 and French Guiana since 1885. The conflict with Guyana flared up in 1969, after which both countries agreed to withdraw their armed forces from the area. In daily life, we are totally oblivious of any conflicts with our neighbors, and so will you as a tourist.

Either way, our world as we know it looks like this map here below.

Map of Suriname including disputed areas


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